The Grilled podcast is made possible by Moishes, Montreal’s iconic steakhouse for almost 80 years.

The Moishes experience can be enjoyed every day, in your home. If you haven’t already, try our expanding range of Moishes brand products.



No one knows meat like Moishes, and that goes for these sausages, perfect for grilling.

Famous Coleslaw

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A signature item at Moishes for over 60 years, presented on the table alongside our famous Dill Pickles. An irresistible mix of sweetness, garlic and vinegar, our crunchy coleslaw is unbeatable.

Creamy Coleslaw

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No one knows Coleslaw like Moishes, so it was only a matter of time until we developed a creamy version of our renowned Coleslaw. If you like creamy texture with less bite, you’ll love our Creamy Coleslaw.

Kosher Dill Pickles

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Kosher Dill Pickles are a signature item at Moishes, served to guests as soon as they are seated. Produced in barrels in small batches following Moishes original recipe, chilled and packaged with their original brine, for an authentic old world taste.

Sweet Pickle Potato Salad

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Moishes is celebrated for its pickles. By adding sweet pickles to our classic potato salad, we layer in extra flavour that we know will delight demanding palates. Like all of our recipes, Moishes Sweet Pickle Potato salad has stood the test of time, and still delights today.

Montecarlo Potato

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Every meal at Moishes is offered with our signature Monte Carlo potato – something you won’t find in many other restaurants. It’s a little bit baked, a little bit mashed, and a whole lot of what makes Moishes, Moishes. Enjoy it today in the comfort of your own home.

Boneless Rib Steak

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Boneless rib steak is known for its tenderness and legendary flavour. Moishes earned its reputation with this steak, which remains the most requested cut on the restaurant menu.

New York Strip Loin Steak

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Boneless New York strip loin steak is a classic. Perfectly aged and trimmed, it’s chock-full of flavour – a delight for steak lovers.

Moishes Special Chicken

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Years ago, one of our cooks used to make chicken from a traditional recipe for our father to bring home for the family. We liked it so much, he put it on the menu!  Now, our all-natural, anti-biotic free, grain-fed Special chicken is available in IGA stores across Quebec. So you can enjoy it at home, too.

Classic Potato Salad

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We believe that we’re the best in every food category we’re in. That includes potato salad. We start with the best potatoes, and then include the right mix of fresh and delicious ingredients to turn this staple into something extraordinary. Try it once, and we’re convinced you’ll come back to it again and again.

Sweet Bread and Butter Pickles

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Unlike our signature Kosher Dill Pickles, Moishes Sweet Bread and Butter Pickles do not require refrigeration in-store. You’ll find them in the condiment aisle, ready to serve with your sandwiches and salads, or on their own.

Roast Beef

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You’ll find our sliced Roast Beef in the deli section of your local supermarket or pre-sliced and pre-packaged.  Sliced thick or thin, our Roast Beef makes a delicious center of a sandwich, or a charcuterie platter. As always, we’ve sourced the best beef to ensure that you savour every bite.

Beef Ribs

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Any time is a good time for ribs. Sourced from the best beef, our beef ribs are vacuum-sealed in a unique marinade. Simply open the package, and prepare them on a grill or in an oven. Then, enjoy.

Pulled Chicken


Our pulled chicken is quality shredded chicken and spices, steeped in a marinade, and slow cooked for hours. The result is a tender blend of flavours that is juicy, delicious … and unforgettable.

Old Country Sauerkraut

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Not all sauerkraut is created equal. The taste of our sauerkraut has stood the test of the ages. Over more than seven decades, we’ve found the recipes that make old standards fresh, exciting, and satisfying, every time.

Seasoned Boneless Chicken Breast With Skin

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Our Seasoned Boneless Chicken Breast is the chicken of choice for connaisseurs. Seasoned to perfection with skin, according to a favourite Moishes family recipe, this delicious chicken offers the convenience of a boneless cut, perfect for the grill.



Beef Stew


We’ve been beef experts since 1938. Our beef stew contains some of the best  you’ll find. And it delivers old-fashioned, deep-down satisfaction and authentic great taste, time after time.