Pursuit’s statement against racism and police brutality


As I mentioned in my introduction to my interview with David Barry from Pursuit, I am posting the message Dave crafted on the company’s behalf. It’s a great statement of leadership in a challenging time, and it contains useful resources for all of us who would like to to what we can to rid the world of the hateful scourge of racial inequality. I’m happy to share it with you.

Racism. Inequality. Human rights.  


Each of these words carries the weight of lives lived and lost. In an incomprehensible tragedy that unfolded in mere moments, four Minneapolis police officers took the life of George Floyd last week. Mr. Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Eric Garner. These names are at the forefront of our minds, but there are countless other victims of inexplicable racism and bias that are not.  


We are emerging from one pandemic to find ourselves in the grip of another. But unlike COVID-19, this pandemic of prejudice is not unprecedented. The scourge of racism, left unchecked, will continue to undermine society and our ability to move forward.  


In our communities we’ve seen racism against African Americans, Asians, Indigenous peoples, minority groups and those who speak different languages than their neighbors. We’ve seen harassment and denial of services towards the LGBTQ community and blatant disrespect for equal human rights. No one should feel threatened or afraid because of the color of their skin, how they identify, who they love or who they are. Everyone is equal at Pursuit and we share the responsibility to end discrimination and intolerance. 


The events of the past week and beyond are stomach-turning for those watching – so we simply can’t imagine what it’s like for those living them. Many of us cannot pretend to know what racial oppression feels like. What we can do is listen to those who do and be active supporters. If you aren’t sure where to start, consider this:


  1. Educate yourself. Learn to go beyond passive support to be an advocate for anti-racism. Read up on important initiatives like the National Police Accountability ProjectCampaign Zero and the Science of Racism.  
  2. Use your voice. Give your name to petitions like Justice for George Floyd. Use your social media platforms to share messages of education and action.  
  3. Donate. If you can, give to organizations like Black Lives Matter in the US and Canada, the Minnesota Freedom Fund, the National Lawyers Guild or the Human Rights Campaign in the US, or Pivot and Urban Alliance in Canada.  


As a Pursuit team, we believe in respect for all. Our business as a hospitality company is built on connecting with people of all backgrounds. Within our mission and core value of Bring your Best is the basic concept of the Golden Rule. We treat each other and our guests the way we want to be treated – it’s as simple as that. 


We will not stand for racism or discrimination against anyone who crosses our path. Not now, and not ever.  




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