David Barry, President of Pursuit: resilient, generous and positive in the pandemic Summer


David Barry is the President of Pursuit, a travel and hospitality company with hotels and tourist attractions across North America and in Iceland. Pursuit has been experiencing tremendous growth in the last few years, and now, like the rest of the hospitality industry, has been it hard by the advent of COVID 19.

Like so many in this inspiring industry, Pursuit has responded with real creativity, positivity and resourcefulness. As Dave has said, we will get through this, and we’ll travel again – some of us this Summer. In this interview, we talk about how Pursuit is putting Safety First and ensuring that those who do travel enjoy the best experience possible this season.

We also talk about how Pursuit has been generous in its communities during this challenging time.

After we completed this interview, Pursuit demonstrated true leadership in making a public statement against racial discrimination and against police brutality. I’ve published the whole text in an accompanying post. I invite you to read it.

As usual, you can listen to this podcast on your favourite podcast platform or by clicking on the link below:



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  1. Proud of the way David and our teams have handled these challenges and look forward to our shared, exciting future.


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