Beaver Tails: we all need a treat during COVID-19


Pino Di Ioia and Tina Serrao, along with Pino’s twin brother Anthony Di Ioia,  head Beaver Tails inc..Since 1978, Montreal-based Beaver Tails has been delighting customers across Canada and the US, and in destinations around the world with its namesake pastry. Like many others, they closed their locations during the COVID-19 lock-down.

As de-confinement begins across North America, they have opened again, and found customers yearning for their unique brand of comfort food. Today, as they begin building their business back up, they confront the questions facing businesses everywhere, particularly in the food and hospitality sector.

How do you operate in an era where large public gatherings are discouraged? How do you reach and satisfy customers in a time of ongoing social distancing? And how you can carry on delivering joy when uncertainty is the word of the day?

They shared their insight during our conversation, which you can listen to on your favourite podcast platform by searching for “The Grilled Project” or “The Grilled Podcast,”or by clicking on the link below.


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