Moishes on the front lines during COVID-19


We were delighted to produce this short video showing what Lenny Lighter of Moishes Steakhouse has been doing on behalf on front line workers and the most needy during the COVID-19 shut down. Along with other restaurateurs from Lucille’s Oyster Bar, Ristorante Beatrice, Restaurant Atma, and Leméac, Lenny and his crew have been preparing meals for front line hospital workers at places including Saint=Mary’s Hospital and for the needy through charities including Sun Youth, the Old Mission Brewery, and the Welcome Home Mission.

Lenny’s project has been typical of the response from the industry at large in major cities everywhere. This has been incredibly inspiring. Restaurants and the tourism industry have responded to dramatic cuts in revenue by donating time and resources to helping out those hardest hit.  If nothing else, this speaks to the astounding generosity and creativity of the industry, and to its deep ties to the community at large.

It goes without saying that the future of the industry is deeply uncertain as we slowly emerge out of lock-down and assess the economic damage. However, we deeply hope that, as we move forward, guests will remember how so many in the field were moved by their best impulses.



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