Batman Producer and comics guru Michael Uslan:driven by passion.


Michael Uslan is best known as a Producer or Executive Producer of every Batman film or television show you’ve watched since 1989. Along with his partner, the remarkable  Benjamin Milniker, Michael acquired the film and television rights to Batman in 1979. A dedicated comic book fan since his childhood in the 1950s, Michael turned his passion for the medium into a career as a writer, a teacher and a producer. Moreover, his dedication to bringing a serious Batman film to the screen  for 10 years –  during which few believed that audiences were interested in serious superhero films – changed the face of modern cinema, comics, and fandom, when Tim Burton’s Batman, starring Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson, hit the screen in 1989.  He’s still a fan at heart and a very approachable, nice guy.

He’s told his story in his book, The Boy who Loved Batman, on the TED stage, and as a guest speaker at the United Nations and elsewhere. It’s a story of dogged determination, passion, and courage – and we’re happy to have as a guest GRILLED.

As usual, you can listen on itunes or on your favourite podcast directory by searching for The Grilled Podcast or The Grilled Project, or right here by clicking on the arrow below.


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