Eataly USA C.E.O. Nicola Farinetti: for food retail to survive, it must be meaningful.

Nicola Farinetti’s father Oscar Farinetti founded Eataly in 2007, in Turin. Since then, this unique blend of food court, retail store and restaurant featuring Italy’s finest foods has spread across the globe. Today, with over 34 highly-individualized locations, the company is experiencing continued growth  – at a time when retail is being challenged at every level, and in every product category. In this interview recorded live at C2Mtl 2017 in May, Nicola  explains that local partnerships and attention to detail help to make the Eataly experience a meaningful one. Without meaning and connection, he says, retail is lost.  Putting that insight into practice helped make him one of Fast Company’s 1000 Most Creative Business People in 2017.

As usual, you can listen to this episode by clicking below, or by searching for “The Grilled Podcast” on your favourite podcast directory.

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