GQ Magazine’s Alan Richman says Montreal is the best food city in North America.


Alan Richman is a veteran journalist from Philadelphia who began his career as a food writer in Montreal. He went on to write for The New York Times, The Chicago Tribune, and People magazine. But his life changed when he became a food writer for GQ Magazine. His work at the magazine won him several James Beard Awards, as well as the National Magazine Award. After decades in the trade, he is more convinced than ever that Montreal is the best food city in North America. In his words, “Montreal has become the food city it always should have been.”

Some of his best essays are collected in the excellent book Fork it Over: The Intrepid Adventures of a Professional Eater.

In this wide-ranging interview, he discusses his adventures with Oprah Winfrey, Vladimir Horowitz, Paul Bocuse, Eric Rippert and many more. You’ll learn more about his feud (and subsequent reconciliation) with Anthony Bourdain, and about how hockey legend Gordie Howe believed that Montreal makes better hot dogs than New York City.

As usual, you can listen to this episode by looking up “The Grilled Podcast” on your favourite podcast directory, or right here by clicking on the link below:



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