Showtime with Montreal Plaza’s Charles Antoine Crête, one of Canada’s most innovative chefs and creative personalities.

Charles Antoine Crête defines himself as “a clown and a control freak.” It’s an apt description of a man who is at once a creative whirlwind and a disciplined chef and restaurateur who worked as chef-de-cuisine at Normand Laprise’s Toqué for 14 years before setting out on his own. For the last two years, along with his partner Cheryl Johnson (pictured here,) Charles Antoine has led a staff of 50 at their restaurant Montreal Plaza. In that short time, their work has earned Montreal Plaza the no.11 spot on Canada’s Top 100 restaurants. They were also named most Innovative Chefs in Canada on the same list.

Those awards should be no surprise to anyone who’s visited Montreal Plaza, a highly eclectic restaurant that reflects their idiosyncratic tastes while adhering to the highest standards of hospitality and service.

Charles Antoine is also a partner in Food Chain, an exciting new fast food concept unveiled in 2017, based entirely on raw fresh produce and cheese.

In this wide-ranging interview, Charles-Antoine talks about what drives his creativity, and why he is dedicated to creating a generous, festive and memorable dining experience that is at once a reflection of its owners, and open to “anyone from 1 to 100.”

As usual, you can listen to our podcast by searching for “The Grilled Podcast” on your favourite podcast directory, or by clicking on the link here:

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