Lilia’s Missy Robbins just wants to make you happy

Located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Lilia is currently one of the hottest restaurants in the New York City area. And that’s no surprise, given the excellent overall experience and great food it delivers in one of the world’s toughest markets. It’s all the result of Missy Robbins’ vision. After making her mark at Spiaggia in Chicago with Tony Mantuano, she went on to earn two Michelin stars at  A Voce in New York City, her beloved adopted home. Yet, after 20 years in the business, Missy hit a physical and mental wall – only to reinvent herself after two years off with Lilia, a restaurant made in her personal image. Her goal was to create an experience that makes you feel great, and she’s succeeded. In this wide-ranging interview, she describes how she got there.

As usual, you can listen to our interview by clicking on the link below, or by looking for “The Grilled Podcast” on itunes, Stitcher, or your favorite podcast directory.


Photo credit: Evan Sung


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