Flyjin Café, Velvet Speakeasy,Soubois and more: Alexandre Brosseau on creating experiences that work

Alexandre Brosseau is a creative force to be reckoned with. The founder of Speakeasy, a successful marketing, events  and branding agency, he has moved on to make a significant impact on Montreal’s storied restaurant and nightclub scene. From Les Enfants Terribles to Soubois and beyond, he has crafted experiences that locals and tourists love — and he’s just getting started. In this podcast, he communicates his energy, optimism, and belief that we are living in a time of great opportunity. As always, you can hear it directly here, or listen to The Grilled Podcast on itunes.

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  1. Thank you For this Very inspiring podcast !

    Alexandre Brosseau is one of the most influential millenials in Mtl!

    The city of Mtl is a better destination because of such young luminaries like him.

    Serge Jean Laviolette
    Artistic director
    L’Art de Vivre au Masculin


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