Frank & Oak’s Eric Alper – on Montreal, working hard, and the future of retail


Eric Alper became a Strategist at international marketing powerhouse Sid Lee when he was still a student at McGill University, at the tender age of 20. He was named one of Marketing Magazine’s Top 30 Under 30, working with leading brands all over the world. Ten years later, he has become the VP Marketing of Frank & Oak, a Montreal apparel designer and retailer uniting the online and bricks and mortar space through a dedicated commitment to style and service.

In this Grilled Podcast, Eric talks about how Montrealers have to work harder to make a difference,  often by leveraging creativity. He offer advice to young people getting into the work force. And he shares his views on how retailers can thrive in an era of rapid change and massive disruption. Hint: it’s all about the customer experience.

You can listen to this podcast by clicking on the arrow below, or by logging on the free Grilled Podcast through the itunes store.



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