MARC GOSSELIN – inspired by Montreal’s urban landscape

Moishes recently began to exhibit the work of Montreal artist Marc Gosselin on its walls. In the past, the celebrated steakhouse has featured the work of iconic photographer Gabor Szilasi and urban visual explorer and DJ Stephane Cocke. Gosselin is the first painter, however, to be featured in what’s playfully called “the Moishes gallery,”which celebrates life in the city streets.

In the following short podcast, host Tony Babinski and Moishes’ Lenny Lighter discuss why Lenny chose to exhibit Marc’s work. Marc Gosselin is the definition of an urban artist. His subject is the skyline and industrial landscape of the city. Working from photographs, Marc applies paint and various three-dimensional elements to canvases literally constructed from found wood – wooden palettes, blocks, etc….

Like so many Montreal artists, Marc is generous and humble, keeping his gaze skyward and his feet on the ground while he re-invents a traditional form.

We invite you to check out Marc Gosselin’s work here.


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