Lesley Chesterman – the Changing Role of the Restaurant Critic

Lesley Chesterman has been working as a food writer and restaurant critic for almost 20 years. As traditional media faces new challenges, and new voices multiply online, she works to redefine her role and relevance. She does it in Montreal, a city celebrated for its food culture — but where even the best restaurants struggle to survive. By embracing two languages and new media, she’s found a way to thrive in changing times.

In this GRILLED podcast, she tells us how and why she became a food writer in the first place, and speaks candidly about the strengths and weaknesses of the media and food scenes in Montreal, in Canada, and abroad.

You can listen to this Grilled Podcast by clicking on the arrow below, or by clicking this link.

The Grilled Podcast is also available on itunes.

One Comment Add yours

  1. James Jameson says:

    I recognize (and still really like) the opening music. Wonderful. Interesting interview with LC.


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