Andy Nulman – Pardon Me While I Re-invent Myself

Andy Nulman has developed a reputation that extends beyond the borders of his native Montreal, as an entrepreneur, creative thinker, and, more recently, teacher and guide. Before making his mark as the co-founder and President of the internationally-respected Just for Laughs Festival, Andy developed his writing chops as a cub reporter. He went on to the world of start-ups with Airborne Mobile, a world he continues to stay active in with his new venture, Play the Future. Andy is currently the Attention-Getter-in-Chief for Montreal’s upcoming 375th anniversary celebrations. In the following podcast, he tells us about himself and his city. He shows how an ability to wear many hats and approach each project with a  fiery level of enthusiasm can keep your grill set on high.

You can listen to the Grilled Podcast by pressing on the arrow below, or by following this link.

The Grilled Podcast is also available on itunes.

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  1. Thanks for a very entertaining and interesting interview with Andy Nulman. I worked with him years ago at The Sunday Express, and what impressed me most at that time is that he could be on the phone, typing an article and talking to me, all at the same time. It seems nothing’s changed, just one of the reasons he’s so successful.


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